BLUE HAMSTER is the fastest runner in the hamster group and wins the Hamster Races every day. He is really athletic and always a good sport. He has non-stop energy and encourages everyone to play hard.


GREEN HAMSTER  is the most curious hamster and always looking for something adventurous or exciting. If there is something happening, he is sure to be in the middle of it with his best friend, Pink Hamster. His favorite phrase is “it’s not fair” and everyone loves this funny rascal.


PINK HAMSTER  is Green Hamster’s sweet and friendly “side-kick”. She loves birthday cake so much she dreams about it at night and eats more cake than anyone else on the island. She gets into a lot of mischief with her best friend.


BROWN HAMSTER  is the wisest hamster and everyone seeks advice from him. Sometimes others think he is too serious but they run to him when they have trouble. He is the chef of the hamsters and really loves salad.


ORANGE PANDA likes to fuss over others. She feeds everyone yummy noodles – “long noodles for long life.” She shares everything, and never rushes anything.


BLACK PANDA is the leader and chef of the pandas. His dim sum is the best! He makes smart decisions, so everyone listens to him when they are making a plan.


RAINBOW PANDA loves celebrating, and loves to light firecrackers for fun and to keep bad luck away. Black Panda usually has to hide firecrackers from him!


BLUE PENGUIN  is fun loving and athletic. He is the best swimmer and surfer and teaches classes for fun. Sometimes he forgets he is teaching and may leave a student in the water!


RED PENGUIN is a wonderful sushi chef but sometimes brags a little and speaks in a loud squawking voice. But she has a good heart and will do the right thing in any situation. She is a good friend and watches out for others.


Purple is the Japanese color for royalty and PURPLE PENGUIN is very concerned about good manners and etiquette. He is always ready to extend a warm welcome. He gets upset if others are being rascally.


ORANGE BUNNY is a taekwondo master and teaches all the animals on the island. She is pretty but don't be fooled, she's strong and quick - so don't get her mad! She asks all the animals to be humble and only fight when there is no other option.


BLUE BUNNY is the best sweet maker on the island and he is the peacekeeper of the animals. He never wants to hurt anyone’s feelings and gets invited to every party as he brings the treats. His girlfriend is Orange Bunny.


SILVER BUNNY is a tomboy who loves to hang out at the beach and go surfing! She is taking lessons from Blue Penguin.


BLUE BAY DOLPHIN  is one of the friendliest creatures of Fujimini Island. She is very social, has a positive attitude, and chats to anyone who comes near her. She is a loyal and trusted friend.


BLUE WHALE is very shy about his size and has on occasion swallowed a friend or two by mistake. He is a great and fun whale and just wants to be included. He tries hard to control his temper or else a lot of water gets tossed around.


BROWN TORTOISE SAMURAI  would rather act first and think later. He is all about action and can rush into things. He is a good friend who never lets his friends get hurt or picked on.


BLACK TORTOISE SAMURAI is a strong and fearless warrior. He is very loyal and trusted with important missions. He will always reach his goal but does it safely and with high standards.


DYNASTY DRAGON  is sometimes called the white dragon even though he is red – because he can shift into a cloud and then appears white! He is a wonderful dragon and so happy to be with his mom. He is making friends and he’s awesome at hide and seek.


MOTHER DRAGON the mother is very protective of her son.  One time, someone tried to capture him so they could control the rain but his mother hid him and kept him safe. She is quiet, serious and kind but has a fiery temper.


THE KAPPA first came to Fujimini Island tailing the Samurai's Turtle Boat, but once it leaves, he gets bored and could make trouble for the other animals!